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Who We Are

 Mission and Extraordinary Vision.


Who I am.  1.  Self Awareness/Personal Power is the Key to an extraordinary life of Fulfillment on every level.  2.  The Era of Traditional Parenting is Over!

My goal is two fold 1.  To train you to a level of Self Awareness to Open you to Every thing you want and need for a truly extraordinary and fulfilled life.  and 2.  To teach you how to be a Conscious Parent in the modern world where the landscape is constantly evolving or changing.

I am a Adult and Young adult educator as well as a Parent educator  located in the epicenter of the Silicon Valley.   Specifically focused on Self Awareness/Personal Power for the success, wellness and effectualness of the entire family unit within the realm of Conscious Living and Conscious Parenting.

I publish a weekly blog on extremely urgent and current individual and family challenges and solutions.  I also provide and design,  specific for you, unprecedented lectures, talks, workshops, classes and events for motivation and specific techniques in Conscious Parenting.  One on one Skype available.

CONTACT: for your corporate or group Lecture or Workshops. (Space is Limited)  Get on the Calendar Today!