Our Powerful Dream Mission and Extraordinary Vision.

We are a synchronistic team of Wellness Experts/Dream Catalysts located in the epicenter of the Silicon Valley. We have a unified and holistic mission to teach you the techniques mastered by a select cross section of extraordinary persons.   Not only do we design for you a daily practice for developing the highest levels of personal mental, emotional, and physical power and achievement; we are also an on line blog.  We update daily information on mental, emotional tools/knowledge specifically regarding Self Awareness and Mastery; Mastery of Intention and Manifesting.   In addition, extraordinary knowledge and techniques for physical wellness, including expertise regarding supplements, nutrition, yoga, physical training, and meditation.  We provide and design,  specific for you, unprecedented lectures, talks, workshops, classes and events for motivation and specific techniques on these subjects resulting in exponential increase in creativity, problem solving, personal power, increased abundance, personal fulfillment, and significantly better relationships in all realms.