February 2nd, 2018 by Alison Dwight


True Story. My gorgeous daughter innocently chose Audrey Hepburn to become her role model….her Avatar….her Icon for everything amazing in a woman! And Reasonably so!!!

Think about it! Breakfast at Tiffanys…Roman Holiday!!! She was so feminine and had that gorgeous voice and gorgeous delicate movements, a gorgeous wardrobe, gorgeous eyes! She was intelligent, kind, and had an unusual beauty.

The thing that was Not obvious to me was that she was very gaunt. She was unusually slender with no breasts, and certainly not a sign of body fat.

When you surround yourself with posters of Audrey, then you are shopping in department stores with mannequiinns that if they were human they would be 6 feet tall and weigh 100 pounds and have Very Hard Bodies. When you look at social media and you see perfectly filtered and air brushed 15 year olds that are dressed as 30 year old women. All these things, without a shadow of doubt, lead to a distorted neurological imprint of what “Beauty” is and worse an Unattainable to recreate in a physically or mentally healthy way!!!

You get my drift???

What to Do??

Here is a Break Down of where Teens Derive their Body Image.

Followed by a Break down of What to Do.

And more importantly how to prevent, educate and guide with Loving Care and teaching Individual Self Love/Worth.

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