1.  Wash face with Almond Oil or Coconut Oil Daily.
  2. Scrubby Gloves
  3. Dr.Bronner’s Peppermint Soup
  4. Sally Hansen’s Leg Spray
  5. Pineapple Juice
  6. Mason Jar/ Glass Straw Water glass
  7. White basic Dish Rags vs. Paper Towels
  8. Fish Oil Omega 3s
  9. Zombie Runner Coffee
  10. Vitamine E Oil and Skin Trip Coconut Lotion
  11. Car Spray Sun Block
  12. Boiled Eggs/ Cooked Salmon/Sprouted Almonds/Cooked Chicken
  13. Raw Vegan Food Chefs/ Classes/Retreats
  14. Kayak
  15. Viber
  16. Hybrid Used Cars with Service Set up for Teens
  17. Large Key Rings/
  18. Fire Proof Zipper Bags for Documents
  19. Towel in car
  20. Extra Battery in duffel bag for camera
  21. Rickshaw Bagworks
  22. Country Sun Supplements/ Wellness Products